Assessment Content

University Policy: any unauthorized use of ChatGPT (or other AI tools) on assessments is considered to be a breach of academic honesty.

In this course, you are permitted to use AI as much as you want, on any assessed components unless stated otherwise. However, AI should be used to compliment and improve your work, rather than as a substitute for doing your own work. If your use of AI diminishes the quality of work or your effort, this can result in penalties. If you are unsure of whether you should use AI, talk to me, or don’t use it at all!

If you use AI to create your Presentation or in your Final, you must complete an AI Use Document and submit this document with your Presentation/Final.

  • Identify the tool(s) you used.
    • Example: While working on my presentation, I used ChatGPT and DeepAI.
  • Briefly identify where you used AI in your Presentation/Final (include all uses).
    • For example, if you used ChatGPT to help with your research, identify the parts of your presentation where ChatGPT was used.
    • You don’t have to give an account of every single query, but supposing you used ChatGPT for research on Galileo you might indicate what parts of the research.
      • Example: I used ChatGPT to learn basics about Galileo’s education and make a timeline of his publications.
      • Example: I used DeepAI to generate 5 images for my presentation.
  • Describe your method of tool use for each task.
    • You may use AI to help with various kinds of tasks (initial topic exploration, research question formation, research, drafting and editing, etc.). You should provide an account of the method you used when performing any such task.
    • Your method should be suitable to the task!
      • If you are using something like ChatGPT to help with research, you should use an appropriate method.
      • You may want to research suitable methods!
    • Example: While using ChatGPT to help with research, I had already done enough research to know what information I needed. Then, I typically progressed through the following steps:
      • Instruct ChatGPT of its role as a researcher.
      • Provide a precise question to get to the exact information I am after.
      • Based on response, engage in refining and clarifying questions/conversation.
      • Then verify new information with reliable sources.
  • If the AI tool (such as ChatGPT) maintains a log of your inputs, provide me with that log. This can be a document or a link.

This is the first time this AI use document is being used, so this is an experiment of sorts. This does not have to be a long document, especially if AI was used only in limited ways. However, if AI was used in substantial ways, this may warrant thorough descriptions. I may ask for clarification if the information is inadequate.

This document will not be graded. However, I will use the information you provide to infer whether your use of AI is responsible and effective, and this may influence your grade. Irresponsible use might include using AI to do all the work for your rather than using AI as a tool to help you do better work. Ineffective use might include using AI with a method that does not fit the task.

If AI was used and this document is not completed or completed inadequately, grades may be deducted, a grade of 0 may be given, or academic integrity escalation may be required.

This work is marked with CC0 1.0 Universal