Assessment Content

(750 WORDS +/- 10%) (15% OF FINAL GRADE)

Select one of the novels on the course syllabus (i.e. Soyinka, Rhys, or Coetzee). Then, type the following into ChatGPT: “Write a 5-6 sentence paragraph explaining the importance of [AUTHOR]’s [TEXT TITLE] to World Literature in English.” Copy and paste the response verbatim into your word document. You do not need to cite the AI, but do include headings so your grader knows where the generated response ends and your writing begins.

Next, in 750 words, construct an argument in response to the AI-generated answer. For example, if you think that it is persuasive, articulate what it does well. If it isn’t compelling, make a case for why not. If it’s a mixed bag, articulate this. Whatever your take, your response should respond to the AI’s discussion (or lack thereof) of colonialism, narrative, and language. In each case, make sure you include at least one textual example from the novel in question to support your position. You are welcome to use secondary sources to support your argument, but this is not required.

This work is marked with CC0 1.0 Universal